Located in Northeast Ohio, Walton Plastics, Inc., is one of Americas’ most innovative and customer focused producers of rigid and flexible PVC (vinyl) and polyurethane sheet.

Founded in 1992, Walton Plastics Inc. offers unparalleled customer service, advanced PVC production capabilities, a dedication to plant-wide quality initiatives and superior technical competency. Our family ownership culture has gone unchanged for 27 years and allows us to keep the customer’s need as our primary focus. We recently expanded into our third manufacturing facility to meet the growing needs of our loyal customers and provide them additional safety to their supply chain.

Quality Initiatives

Each phase of our process is closely monitored from the delivery of raw materials and additives through production and shipping of finished sheet and rolls. Strict quality control initiatives ensure every order meets all physical, color and dimensional specifications.


Product Testing and Development

Walton Plastics maintains a modern physical testing laboratory to support all quality programs and compliance needs of our customers. The laboratory has the capability to test and certify color, impact and dimensional properties. Our technical staff is here to assist customers with the development of specialized formulations to meet your most demanding applications.


Walton Plastics offers in-line lamination capabilities for the addition of capping film materials like acrylic caps for additional weatherability or decorative films for lifelike word or stone look products. We can also add reinforcement layers or a multitude of fabrics to the surface of our extruded sheet. Our process provides an excellent bond to the laminated layers that that can hold up to the most extreme conditions.