Walton Plastics, Inc. Engineered Materials segment offers products for high performance applications.

Walton Plastics engineered materials offer superior durability, toughness, chemical resistance and wide ranging temperature performance. These products are ideal for belting, bladders, die cut gaskets and sporting goods components.

We offer polyether and polyester based polyurethane TPU and various co-polyester materials to match customers’ specific film and sheet requirements. Specialty grades are also available and include: halogenated and non-halogenated fire retardant, static dissipative and versions certified to many NSF, FDA and European standards.

Walton sheet advantages:

  • Hardness range: from 80 Shore A through 70 Shore D.
  • Custom thicknesses: from .030” thick to .400” thick in a variety of widths.
  • Superior durability and toughness
  • Chemical resistant
  • Temperature flexibility
  • Specialty grades available


  • Tank lining membranes
  • Flexible wall structures
  • Sporting equipment
  • Die-cut parts